Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Naphil's Kiss By: Simone Beaudelaire 5***** Stars

Since ancient times, the semi-angelic beings known as the Nephilim have protected the children of men. These chaste, eternal warriors stand between humanity and the Succubae, daughters of Lilith, who drain men of their will through seduction.

Until the day one Naphil, Lucien, first encounters the succubus Sarahi. That day a creature of darkness, sick of the shadows, dares lift her face towards heaven and discovers something she never dreamed she would find... love.

But their love is overshadowed as the long-foretold war between angels and demons threatens to break over the land. For prophecy states that from the mingling of these races will come a warrior who holds the key to victory... or utter destruction.
When I first started reading this book I honestly was completely blown away and when I finished this book I was absolutely in love with Naphil and Sarahi's forbidden love story. I am a huge fan of stories about Nephilim so this book really caught my attention and for good reason to because it is worth reading it. Simone has a gift of words and knows exactly how to draw you in because she knows what to write and when to write it in order to keep your nose dug deep in the book. By the end of this book I knew each character intimately and I loved every single moment I spent in the pages of this piece of art. I truly enjoyed this book immensely and I look forward to all books she writes. Please I urge you to pick this book up because I promise you will not be disappointed.

Love on a Killer Cruise by A.N. Busch 5 ***** Stars

Happy Birthday to Sarah! Turning twenty-six and divorcing Brandon – her high school sweetheart – on the same day. With all of her plans for the future out the window, she tries her best to be content in a small apartment with her two cats.
As the months go by her best friends, Tanya and Jenny, start setting her up on blind dates. After enough bad experiences Sarah refuses to let either of them pick a man for her again. When Jenny sees an ad from a local travel agency – a chance to win a ten-day trip on a single’s cruise – without thinking, or asking, she enters Sarah's name. Now Sarah is the winner of something she doesn’t want. With an enormous amount of pressure from her friends to go and nothing to lose, she packs her bags.
The night of her twenty-seventh Birthday she meets Gabriel, a man she learns has as much baggage as she does. They make a promise to help each other let go of the past and it doesn’t take long before she lets him into her bed and her heart. Women start showing up dead, sad accidents may be to blame but Sarah finds out that some of the crew doesn’t think that is the case. The scary part is that they bare a striking resemblance to her. Sarah really gets worried when she is the person to uncover the third body and it is defiantly no accident after the security camera recording is looked at.
The number of dead women keeps rising and to make matters worse the ship has stopped moving – broken-down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Every time a woman is murdered Gabriel’s whereabouts are in question. Sarah finds herself hopelessly lost at sea with a killer. She doesn’t want to believe it but could it be the man she has fallen madly in love with is a killer? Could she be the next to die?
A.N. Busch is a master story teller who has out did her self again. I absolutely loved this book because it had suspense, it was full of action and a good romance to go along with it. You will laugh, cry, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. A.N. Busch is a brilliant author that knows exactly what to write to keep you completely glued to the pages of a book, she truly out did herself which of course I expected nothing less from an amazing author who could write a book like Tempting Fate. This book was not only well written but it flowed together beautifully. Of course I cant forget the characters Sarah and Gabriel who I absolutely fell madly in love with. If you truly want a book that will keep you absolutely glued to the pages, then find a nice comfy spot and prepare yourself for an amazing ride because you will not regret it. I am looking forward to her next masterpiece because I have no doubt it will be just as good or better, I am never disappointed.
Happy Reading, Brenda