Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meeting Melissa De La Cruz in person!

I live about 3 hours away but I couldn't miss the opportunity and making a trip was exciting to say the least. I haven't had the pleasure visit the famed Blue Bicycle Books and too see and visit in person is a great feeling. It truly is amazing! The owner Jonathan is amazing, he welcomed me and took the picture of Melissa and Myself. I really suggest making this a must do, if you find yourself in Charleston, SC.  Blue Bicycle Books hosts the yearly festival called Yall Fest every November and it is full of Authors, book signings and excitement galore!

      I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Melissa De La Cruz in person. Melissa was doing a book signing at the Blue Bicycle Books in Charleston, SC on April 2nd, 2014. We have been doing reviews for Melissa since her release of Witches of East End novel, it has been a true honor and pleasure. With that said, I was quite nervous meeting Melissa in person, fearing I would stumble on my words. Well..... Melissa De La Cruz is the most wonderful down-to-earth person. Upon talking with her, she talked to me like we have known each other forever. Melissa was so warm and welcoming and made you feel invited and glad to be there. By that I mean, it wasn't rushed or hurried; but at the same time, not wanting to take too much of her time, I thought of one question to ask.  The question was, "How do you define the characters in your books, series and be able to keep it together, yet give them each their own unique identity?" Melissa said she gets ideas here and there and forms them and brings the characters to life. We were talking about Witches of East End and how a mother tries to keep her children safe and out of trouble but the children seem to find trouble or get into trouble. A lot like families and siblings today. So true!  Pick up Melissa's latest release "The Ring and The Crown" today.

In closing, a big thank you to Jonathan and Blue Bicycle Books and Melissa De La Cruz for a wonderful time!

~~~We all find ways we connect to characters, they draw us in and we feel apart of their lives. ~~~
  Melissa Gott