Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell

I had no expectations when I started reading this book as it is not usually my genre. With that said, the title Dear Killer couldn't be more right. Kit is so young to be the "Perfect Killer" but yet no pun intended, exactly the perfect killer no one would expect.  Kit became friends with Alex who was a police officer helping catch "the perfect killer" Kit!

This book was not my taste but It was a good book, it kept me going to the end because I was wanting to see how the killings were described. I am not one to like grotesque descriptions but Katherine Ewell did a great job and I was able to imagine the story line as she wrote it. There were times where it was slow but give it time it does pick up. Imagine getting letters from people wanting the "Perfect Killer" to kill. It is the modern day batman but a stone cold killer instead! The letters being the signal for help.  I also in some way was enticed to see what connection Kit and Alex would make. Kit was the most prolific killer in London since Jack the Ripper... would she get caught. The ending was left open to a possible 2nd book?  Katherine Ewell wrote this book when she was 17 years old. What an accomplishment. 

I give this book a 3 stars. 

Best Regards.

Wombstone by Jessica Roscoe

  Wombstone is the first book in the Vampireland Series and is written by Jessica Roscoe. This book has truly taken me by surprise. I expected it to be like all the other "vampire - like" novels, but not even close. Mia was a vibrant high school senior , boyfriend, best friend and a future.... until... she was taken.. held captive, tortured, death seemed almost imminent. In race for freedom she risked everything.. in a twist of fate Ryan the very person who has taken her... chosen to help her seek freedom.  At what price did she pay to be free and what exactly has Mia become...

My take on this book was it was great, the story line flowed wonderfully. How everything was thought of, every detail, it really made you feel like you were apart of the character's life. The bond between the love hate relationship of Mia and Ryan kept me on my toes. Just when I thought I knew what was coming next, wrong i didn't and that was okay.  It took me about a day to read the book. I give Jessica Roscoe applause for her writing style right up to the end and huge surprise I did not see coming...

I rate this book 4 stars!!!!


                                      Best Regards,