Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Star, Starland Vamp Series, Book 1 By: Theresa Oliver


 3 Stars ***

I have to say that this book suprised me in both good and bad ways. The bad are it has to many simularities to other vampire books such as there were way to many things that reminded me of Twilight like the no fangs her having venom and if she bites someone she has to turn them, that she doesnt need air to breath, that she lives off of animal blood and that she shimmers which is to close to sparkling like the vampires in Twilight does. I think using a book to write a book and using things in that book is not something you should do especially with it being a movie that is so big like Twilight but using it as a reference and to get ideas is alright. Honestly that is something that should never be done which of course is just my opinion. The good things is Star is very different but in a good way she is someone who never takes crap from anyone and if she doesnt like something she will tell you regardless if you like it or not and she is not someone you want to make mad because bein on her bad side is the wrong way to do even if she has sworn to protect the human species and even vampires should tread on water when around her. Even though there are alot of things I disliked about this book I did find that I was starting to enjoy this book it had action, romance and the book will keep you on your seat guessing about who you should and should not trust and you will find yourself worring about certain characters. I do recommend this book to all the vampire fanatics I think you will love this book but if you are a Twilight fan you may or may not like this book.

Abigail Starland, better known as Star, is a kick-ass CIA agent. But what's different about her is she’s a shape shifter vamp—from the Revolutionary War era—in a covert new branch of the agency. According to the CIA, she doesn't exist. She fears nothing, that is, until she's assigned as bodyguard to Zachary Davis, the 18-year-old teenage son of her boss. They fall in love and the trouble begins. She soon discovers that "The Others," rogue, uncontrollable vamps, are after him. But who’s behind it? Star soon learns she's bitten off more than she can chew when she discovers that it’s a vamp from her past. "Star" will keep you guessing at every vamp turn of the page!

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