Thursday, June 7, 2012

Embrace - By Stacey Rourke ~ Review

        Rating - 5 Stars *****

        The story goes so much more in detail than the first book in the series but not TOO much as to overwhelm you. Just the perfect balance. Immediately you are thrown into the story and it is AMAZING! Celeste is having a hard time embracing her calling as The Conduit, The Chosen one. It is one demon attack after another and it is all business with Celeste as she is unable to let her guard down, be human for a change, Her brother Gabe and sister Keni are doing just fine with their romance and daily life if you will.  Celeste, not so much , that is until Caleb. Caleb, a fine piece of eye candy,  will have Celeste doing things, she can not control. It is the Conduit inside of her.  Can she trust Caleb, with not only her heart but her life. Trusts are formed and broken in this book. Rowan a demon sheds some insight into the dark army and forces at work. The dark army arises and a battle rages and everything Celeste, Gabe and Keni were called to do will be put to the test. The leader of the dark army will appear from the depths of darkness to kill the Conduit a.k.a The Chosen One.

This book is amazing! I was hooked from the very beginning. I wasn’t sure how good the second book in the gryphon series would be since sometimes books in a series lose or lack a continuing  or flowing story line. Embrace was action packed, filled with danger, demons, love, anger, trust issues, disappearances, all the parts a great book has. The way each and every Character had a special purpose, power, or like Grams! To keep everyone in check and be the teams biggest cheerleader. I can only say I am saddened by what happens to the spirit guide and the sacrifice that was imposed on Alaina. That was a shocker.  I was entranced and felt like I was really fighting the  battles with them, like I really knew the characters.    Start out reading the first one in the series called “The Conduit” and the read this book,, you will see how everything ties into one amazing story. I really feel connected to the story.  The comedy had me laughing as well. Stacey Rourke brought the whole package with in this book.  I would love for the story to continue into a 3rd book to tie up some loose ends that hasn’t been answered yet and for the great story of the chosen one to continue. I truly could go on and on and  describe the whole book, but I have to stop myself as I have to leave something for you to discover and take your own journey through the Gryphon Series.

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