Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Brown House - By Christy Sloat ~ Review

Rating: 5 stars! *****

Brylee is in high school, typical cali-girl with blonde hair, looks to match and soon learns she  has a special gift for seeing things no one else can, she would soon find out to what extent this gift bears on her and the ones she loves. Her father lost his job so the whole family up and moved to New Jersey for his new job, They moved into the brown house, Haunted brown house , curse, love, death, sacrifice, mystery, even the story Ephraim and Brylee was truly well written and just feel good true love but will it stay that way.  This Book has twists, turns, surprises, heart break and more.  All the Characters. Lyn , Kayla,  and the Brown and Mayhew families. The way Brylee comes face to face with “others” living in the house she just moved into is spooky. I am sorry but if I faced just a part of what Brylee faced in order to solve a mystery of her haunted  house. I would be out of there when the ghost eyes appeared in the bath tub , just above the water. While Brylee was in it! So? Do I have you intrigued yet?  The locked door, never to be opened, for years and years everyone tried to open the door. One special key hidden away , never to be found. If the door was locked for a reason,  forever to be kept inside.  Until one day..  One key, a family curse,  and a journey you would not expect. The ending was … well to the readers of this review. The Brown House is a MUST READ.

I truly don’t want to give  away too much, but Christy Sloat completely knocked one out of the park with her writing, the story line, the whole idea was just amazing.  I could not put it down, read it in three days!

It was my pleasure to be taken on a journey I did not expect..

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